Sunday, January 30, 2011

Damn You Cold...

Growing up, I rarely got sick. Now, it seems I get sick more often than not. Our office is spreading a cold right now. I was one of the lucky ones who is now the proud owner of the cold virus. First, it was this annoying, hacking, dry cough that I was treating with lozenges. I can't think about having another one of those lozenges. Good thing I suppose as I now have this stuffy nose/runny nose/sneezing/Kathleen Turner voice action happening. This cold has totally derailed my training this week (thank goodness I have 4 weeks of fat built into this training schedule) and I decided to skip a cookie baking party today, in lieu of resting (no need to give the JMU girls my germs). I finally decided to pick up some meds today. Day and Night medicine, tissues (with Vick's vapor - highly recommend), my trusty Bert for my dry lips, Lysine to eliminate any cold sores, and Vaseline for my raw nose. Now its time to close this post, feed Ginger, climb back into my Snuggie and go back to the couch.

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