Friday, January 28, 2011

The 3rd Ring of Hell (also known as January 26 in Northern Virginia)...

Oh where or where do I begin. It  started out as a normal Wednesday. I had an early meeting in Springfield. Knowing I arrive everywhere early, decided to pack my ipad just in case I needed something to occupy me before my meeting. Meeting was short and got to the office around 10. Just a little dusting of snow on the ground.

Worked throughout the rainy morning and around 3PM, it began snowing forcefully and sticking pretty quickly. My boss told us to leave around 4 - so did every other boss in NoVA (as we will soon find out). I gathered my things, went to the bathroom (just in case my 25 minute commute took an hour) and went out to dig out my car. Below is what time I got in the car.

So, I head out and head North on 28. I noticed earlier that morning that I was pretty low on gas, but enough to make it home. I passed eight gas stations. By the time I got to the 9th (appx. 90 minutes later and after making the determination I was not getting home anytime soon), I made the decision to cross three lanes of traffic to get to the gas station. After refueling, grabbing food and taking care of business, I had to make my way back out across three lanes of traffic. Not easy when two lanes are moving and its not the ones you need to be in.

A couple hours later, we were basically stopped. Complete gridlock. Cars turned off and people walking around like the world was coming to an end. I humored myself by talking with Martta, posting to Facebook, reading a book on the ipad (thank goodness it was packed!) and drawing messages on my car window. This was probably around 8PM.

Finally around 9:30 we started moving. The rest of my trip home (appx. 8 miles) was spent going 10 MPH.  Below is what time I actually made it home. Ginger was starving, I was starving and tired and we pretty much went straight to bed. Unfortunately others in NoVA had abandoned their cars in hopes of walking home while some stuck it out with 13 hour commutes home. This was one to remember.

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