Sunday, January 2, 2011

Until we meet again...

Note to those who have never been to my house - it's a third floor walkup consisting of approximately 700 square feet. While I am great about cleaning out my house once or twice a year, I still accumulate a lot of junk. I have this nifty storage area off the porch. When I first moved in, Dad haphazardly threw boxes in here and proclaimed "there's no more room." I, being a child of the Nintendo age and proficient at Tetris, knew there was a better method. Since that time, I have precariously stacked things "just so". About half this pile is Christmas decorations - mainly the two containers at the bottom (the three trees - yes three trees) are stacked on top. This makes getting the decorations out and putting them away a chore. Literally, everything must come out to get to the Golden Ticket. Knowing I have  busy week ahead and a Type A Personality, the decorations were put away today. Ginger is upset as she needs to find something else to knock over when she's mad.

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