Friday, January 7, 2011

Nightly Observation...

A little observation on the way to my Junior League meeting...everyone needs a Sunoco Gas Station on both sides of the intersection!

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  1. I really wish we had Sunoco gas stations around here. I love to race around the city like I am in a nascar driver and wish I had a genuine gas station for a "pit stop." I would even time my self how fast I would get my credit card in and out, select the fuel, lift the lever up, and pump the gas. This just can not happen at a regular BP. All a BP does is depress you about all the oil the spilled and all the animals they murdered.

    In days of working hard and sleeping little; escapes like these are good. I feel like Sunocos are taken advantage of up there. They bring you gas with nice bright colors.

    I wish I had an escape and Joy of a Sunoco. A somewhat fantasy away from the hustle and bustle .

    For this, I am depressed and need cookies :(.