Sunday, February 27, 2011

Good Morning America!

I left Indy at O Dark Thirty. Thankfully my roomie Breanna also had an early morning flight. We woke up a little before 4AM, got dressed and headed down to the Shuttle. I took this picture, looking East, as we were making our descent into Atlanta. I hate the early morning or late flights, but I do like seeing out over the horizon and seeing the sun rise or set. Something magical about that….and now I’m off to bed.

Congrats Lisa!

Every time we have an Officers Conference or Grand Convention, we recognize those volunteers who have reached milestone anniversaries. This year was Lisa’s (on the left) 5th year as a volunteer. She has served the Fraternity as my ADO buddy in District IV during this time. Lisa is responsible for the Northern Half and I am responsible for the Southern Half. Beth (on the right) is our Theta Boss (also known as an ADP) and had the pleasure of presenting Lisa with her recognition. Me thinks it someone’s 5th anniversary next year….

Off to Indianapolis!

This weekend I headed off to Indianapolis for a Theta Officers Conference. This is something we do every odd numbered year (we have Grand Convention in even numbered years). This year’s conference gathered members of the Official Family (Grand Council, Staff, and Committee Members) to discuss implementation of our recently adopted Strategic Plan. This plan will guide the Fraternity in the upcoming years and gives committee members a set of criteria to work within, in order to complete their Theta Job. As always, I’ve returned home with a number of good ideas that I plan to share with my Alumnae Chapters. I also got to spend time with the friends I developed when I joined this committee. It’s amazing - we come from different chapters, experiences, ages and backgrounds - but we are able to bond over a common ideal - Kappa Alpha Theta.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

What not to do when soliciting business...

Why it won't let me flip the picture is beyond me, but I digress.

So our Office Manager's name is Joan. She got a package with materials soliciting their product - rule #1 - learn to spell the Office Manager's name correctly and not phonetically.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oh really?

Saw this little article in my Time magazine. Seeing as how I only date men with commitment issues, I was intrigued.

The gist of the article is that single men are actually as likely to want to get married as women - there are even two periods in life (21-24 and 50 +) where they actually want to get married more than women. While I don't want to get married, I would like to be with a committed individual. (Obviously the old man I dated was the anomaly in this study).

Another point the article made - as we age, men are actually more likely to want children than women are. Oh crap.  The article concluded by stating that most households today are headed by single individuals and made us single gals feel ok - by basically showing that we aren't lepers, desperate or workaholics - some of us actually choose to be single.

P.S. -I totally failed on yesterday's picture.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Today we had the 3rd annual Theta Champagne and Chocolate event. I love this event - mainly because I love the two items in the name. Apparently I mis-read the invite and wasn't suppose to bring anything, but I had brought these yummy Sprinkles Red Velvet Cupcakes. We had a few left over that may make it to Wednesday's book club....we'll see :-0

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Someone's baking again...

Tonight I baked some Sprinkles Red Velvet cupcakes (thanks Martta!) for our annual Theta Champagne and Chocolate event tomorrow afternoon. I've taken to wearing this snazzy apron I received a few years ago as part of my Christmas present from my boss whenever I cook. It's a Vera Bradley print (came with a Vera Bradley cookbook), and while I'm not usually a big fan, I like the pink, turquoise and browns in this print. I'm headed to a Theta conference this weekend - they also like to hand me Vera Bradley items. Let's see if I come home with something else! Pics tomorrow of the cupcakes. :-)

The longest week ever and my reward is...

My friends Jose and SkinnyGirl...Enough said.


This is the new house! Ok, when I say new house, I mean new office, but its like planning for a new house. Our office moved from Prince William County to Manasssas about five years ago. Time wasn't right so we leased out a building in Old Town.  We were the only tenants for about three years, which was a little strange. The location isn't ideal, but I will admit, it's nice to walk to the Post Office, restaurants, stores and the Financial Planner. Oh yeah, it's even nice to walk to Happy Hour!

Well, my boss finally decided to bite the bullet and we've partnered with a client to build a building in Prince William County. It's actually fairly close to my boss's house and many of our employees homes. It's a two story building and we own the entire top floor. I'm excited for the move, because it means we get to clean out the office! Woo hoo! No seriously, it's going to be nice. Nice finishes, nice location, and nice new house smell. Plus, the commute for me is about the same.

So, tentative move in is late April. We have brick on the building and have had some nice weather recently so the asphalt plants can open again. Unfortunately, just about every developer in NoVA, including us, needs asphalt right now so hopefully we get a parking lot soon!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Funny Valentine...

My favorite middle nephew sent me a Valentine. While I got lots of Valentine wishes from clients, this was the only Valentine I received. I love when I get art work from the kiddos. It stays on the fridge for awhile and then eventually makes it to the memory box. I'm holding on to all their artwork so I can show their future wives how sweet they were when they were young.

Oh Massage Night...

In light of my crazy back problems of last year (horrible lower back pain that on some occasions made it difficult to walk), I have decided to get monthly massages. It's my one big splurge. My friend Joan has this guy who I had been to before. Amazing does not describe him - I'd go as strong as miracle worker. What's great is that he comes to your house for the same price as the massage shop use to charge. He sets up, allows your cat to hang out on the table with you and gives wonderful massages. What's even better is that by coming to your house, he is able to spend some extra time on problem areas. For example, my legs have been really tight due to the running (back problems solved) so I had a variation of a sports massage last night. I never really understood why massages were so great until I got one from Martin. Highly recommend him.

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Furry Valentine...

This year I'm celebrating Valentine's Day with my girl. She gives me kisses and snuggles and loves me as long as I feed her on schedule. I know I should appreciate this day, as its also my parent's anniversary; however it never seems to go right, whether I'm single or in a relationship. Either I'm eating Chipotle while watching PTI with a boy or drowning my sorrows with the other single ladies. Hell, I even threw a party for single ladies last year - and one of them left to go on a date. Knife in heart. So this year, after work, I decided to turn my frown upside down and go for a run. Now, on to frozen pizza.

Founder's Day Celebration...Take 2

On Sunday, I once again woke up early and headed down 95. This time it was to visit my Richmond Alumnae Chapter and celebrate Founder's Day with them. I always enjoy meeting up with my good friends in this chapter, eating yummy food and hearing about the exciting things the collegians at the University of Richmond and Randolph-Macon College have going on. This year was even more special as my Theta Boss, Beth, drove up from Raleigh. All in all, it was a great time! Looking forward to next year!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ladies (and little man) lunch...

Today I caught up with Anna and the kiddos. We had lunch at Blue Ridge Grill. Ethan slept though dinner but Emma was chatty and hungry! I asked at the end if we could take a picture and she said yes. :-)

Friday, February 11, 2011

My furry diva...

This morning while getting ready, GG became fascinated with my makeup bag. I ran naked through the house to grab my camera. By then she stopped playing in the bag and started posing.

And yes, that is a Woody from Toy Story nightlight. Picked that bad boy up at the Dollar Store.

Braces - Are you kidding me?

No, this is not my mouth. I failed again on a picture today so I pulled this off the web.  Today I went to the dentist. Yet again, I've gone to the dentist and have had a cavity. I was told this happens more as you get older (doh!), no matter how well you brush. Before last year, I had gone 16 years without a cavity. After my cleaning, the doctor came in for the exam. Turns out those braces I got in high school were pointless since I need them again. They say I can do the Invisalign, but nothing says "I'm Hot" like having to remove your braces on a date. I swear the universe is out to get me. Stay tuned on this....depending on what insurance will pay (since I have a medical reason for the braces), this may be a reality.

Habitat for Humanity...

Before I became involved with the Junior League, I spent a lot of time volunteering with the Prince William Habitat for Humanity Chapter. I would volunteer in the office as well as on job sites. My company and our clients would also volunteer money and time. It was actually a good "out of office" bonding moment. This year, LDC sponsored the volunteer shirts. They are this awesome lime green color, but a great marketing tool!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Well, well, well...look who went shopping...

Why yes it was me. I FINALLY broke down and got some new running shoes. Apparently I'm a "neutral" when it comes to shoes. I tried on two pairs of Asics and these Saucony above and these were the front runner. No surprise - this is my third pair in as many years. They have lots of padding and importantly - feel light on my feet. Let's see how they do tomorrow. The schedule is three nine minute runs. Hopefully my thighs and shins also hold out!


Tonight, GG and I had some quality time together. We played, we chatted, we rested. Life is good for a kitty.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

There's No Place Like Home...

Ahhh...I love seeing the sign for 95 North when I'm on my way back home. Lucky for me, the traffic was light this afternoon and I made it home in 2.5 hours. Ginger was very excited to have Mommy home.

A Double Celebration...

 Today I drove to Williamsburg and Newport News for a double celebration. In the afternoon,  I joined the Williamsburg Alumnae Theta Chapter at their Annual Founder’s Day Celebration. We had wonderful alumnae and collegians there who span one year to over fifty years of membership in Kappa Alpha Theta. I am celebrating my 13th year of membership. Founder’s Day is technically January 27 - we were founded on that day in 1870. Chapters around the world celebrate our Founder’s by gathering and remembering what these four brave women accomplished in a male dominated society. I am very proud to be a member of the first Fraternity known among women.

After this, I drove to my parents house in Newport News to spend the night. While I was there, we celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary. Their anniversary is actually Valentine’s Day - but since I was in town we celebrated. We had a nice dinner at Carraba’s and then picked up some dessert at the Fresh Market (similar to a Whole Foods). Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Happy Year of the Rabbit...

Tonight was Yappie Hour and we celebrated Chinese New Year with Alice and Chau. Joan scored these great cookies from Wegman's. How adorable! Alice and Chau also treated us to a Chinese New Year Tradition. They passed out red envelopes with money inside that are to be placed under a pillow to bring good luck. They envelopes also had a message - mine was something along the lines of "May the wind be your sails."

Reading is FUNdemental...

I love to read, however between the seven magazines, newspaper and books, I can't seem to get through it all. Its especially hard since the Time and US Weekly come every week. I often find myself reading the Sunday paper on some day other than Sunday. I also haven't even gotten to finish a book in awhile. I have The Grapes of Wrath and Uncle Tom's Cabin on the Ipad and a hardback book next to the bed - all three of which I'm in various stages of trying to finish.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Seriously, who uses a phonebook...

As I was driving home from the gym, I was pondering what today's picture would be and then this little goody appeared. About a week or so ago, a new neighbor moved in....I have yet to see him/her.  However he/she has never heard of Google or Superpages and still uses this thing I've only seen in a museum - a phone book. I bet he/she still uses a landline phone!

Picture Fail...

 I titled this "Picture Fail" because while I meant to take this picture Tuesday, I actually took it Wednesday. The day completely got away from me!

Tuesday, we celebrated the tenth anniversary of two of our employees with lunch from Panera. This time we got some yummy cookies with our Via Panera Catering. I thought this cookie was cute (and yummy) and grabbed it because its likely the only Valentine I'll get this year.

My favorite time of year....

Today I checked the mail and I had not one, but three tax return documents! I just need three more and I'm ready to do my taxes. This year should be interesting. I typically get a lot back, but we did gerrymander my accounts to help minimize the amount I get back this year. It's great because I do have more money every month, which I love, but I still anticipate quite a bit due to my crazy mortgage. However for the first time, I have no credit card or car to pay off so what do I do with this extra money? There are a couple things I want, but I know if I called the Financial Planner for my very own "Can I Afford It" Segment, she will likely give me a Teri smackdown and tell me to put the money in savings. Oh the joy of being a responsible grown up.