Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Heart All Things Monogrammed...

The easiest thing in the world to buy me is something with my initials, the letter K or the letter A on it. Everyday I wear a silver bracelet with my initials on it as well as a silver necklace with an A on it. I'm not sure where or when this obsession with all things monogrammed started, but it goes back to at least college. I love the simplicity and the class.

Today, this nifty velvet bag (with a smaller, matching sister) arrived from the Pottery Barn. I had my heart set on a monogrammed pillow case, but after closer inspection decided it wouldn't work. Enter these cute little bags. They arrived today and I can't wait to use them on my next trip somewhere.


  1. It needs a C added. So it can stand for Kelly Made Adam Cookies. Adam

  2. I take that post back, because it would be untrue...Kelly has not made Adam cookes...I am still sick and need cookies. Adam