Saturday, January 15, 2011

All you need is love...

I saw this cute little block at my favorite store in Lucketts, VA...I love this phrase and the Beatles song!

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  1. I love the beatles. All you need in this world islove. Today my coffee loves me, it has woken me up and given me the ability to catch up to on my writing here.

    I am to lazy to have my own blog, and for some reason I like to write here. I don't know why I write here, but I do. I think Kelly is the only one that reads, but thats ok with me. That shows love, and thats apparently all I need. At least thats what the Beatles tell me. The Beatles are always right. Maybe this afternoon I can get high with my friends too! Well I don't get hight, so I can't do that. How about a Yellow submarine..I don't have one of those..crap! Maybe it was a hards day night..well it wasn't. I had a good evening, even had a friend bring me dinner. Darn it Beatles, but I love ya.

    Did this post make no sense? That was the point!