Thursday, January 20, 2011

"When life gives you lemons...

make a glass of lemonade and wash down a xanax."

This was the quote in this article in my "Better Homes and Gardens" magazine (thanks mom for the subscription).

To say I easily get stressed out is an understatement. I really really really get stressed out very very easily. Stress for me manifests itself in overeating, weight gain, and fever blisters. Not exactly attractive.

I've been trying to reduce my stress and one of my goals this year is to learn when to say "no." Sometimes I over commit to things or feel guilty about doing what I want, which leads to more stress. This carries over into my work life as well. I need to learn not to be so much of a people pleaser all the time.

I've been also trying to reduce the financial stress. Last year was an eye opener. I started seeing a real Financial Planner and was shocked by all the stupid stuff I was doing and shocked where all my money went. We focused last year on paying off my car loan and credit card. Now I'm actually saving some money every month to beef up the emergency fund. What a novel concept.

To combat the stress, I've been making a concerted effort to go to the gym (see previous 5K post), eat better and count my calories (to avoid overeating), getting a massage every month, and taking time for myself.

Maybe this time next year I'll be healthier, happier and maybe a little wealthier.

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  1. I love ZANAX, over eating, drinking, over spending, and what ever replacement there is to replace real feelings and happyness. That is the easy way out, and thats what Americans do the best! Isn't that why we created the Credit Card(I have no clue who really did). Why not charge everything to the hilt, get drunk and live for today mother f'rs. Then when it crumbles blame someone else! Why can't I be funny on this, because I can't.

    Kelly here is doing the right thing, and doing it well. Focusing on fixing her problems one day at time, and letting her stress slowly wind down. Not just going on some quick diet and losing 5000lbs, but doing a nice life style change that she will be happy with. Not cutting down all her fun, but spending less to a point where she can still be happy and save. Why go to the extreme where we get miserable and can't keep up.

    Wow, get a financial planner. Who knew to get a pro to protect our dumb ass's from making stupid financial choices... Novel idea Kelly. We think at our age we can just fix it later, but we are out of our 20's!

    Pass the Zanax, bud light, credit card and Cheetoes, the shopping network is back on and I need to log onto ebay! Now thats being a happy American!