Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My favorite time of year....

Today I checked the mail and I had not one, but three tax return documents! I just need three more and I'm ready to do my taxes. This year should be interesting. I typically get a lot back, but we did gerrymander my accounts to help minimize the amount I get back this year. It's great because I do have more money every month, which I love, but I still anticipate quite a bit due to my crazy mortgage. However for the first time, I have no credit card or car to pay off so what do I do with this extra money? There are a couple things I want, but I know if I called the Financial Planner for my very own "Can I Afford It" Segment, she will likely give me a Teri smackdown and tell me to put the money in savings. Oh the joy of being a responsible grown up.

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