Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oh Massage Night...

In light of my crazy back problems of last year (horrible lower back pain that on some occasions made it difficult to walk), I have decided to get monthly massages. It's my one big splurge. My friend Joan has this guy who I had been to before. Amazing does not describe him - I'd go as strong as miracle worker. What's great is that he comes to your house for the same price as the massage shop use to charge. He sets up, allows your cat to hang out on the table with you and gives wonderful massages. What's even better is that by coming to your house, he is able to spend some extra time on problem areas. For example, my legs have been really tight due to the running (back problems solved) so I had a variation of a sports massage last night. I never really understood why massages were so great until I got one from Martin. Highly recommend him.

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