Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oh really?

Saw this little article in my Time magazine. Seeing as how I only date men with commitment issues, I was intrigued.

The gist of the article is that single men are actually as likely to want to get married as women - there are even two periods in life (21-24 and 50 +) where they actually want to get married more than women. While I don't want to get married, I would like to be with a committed individual. (Obviously the old man I dated was the anomaly in this study).

Another point the article made - as we age, men are actually more likely to want children than women are. Oh crap.  The article concluded by stating that most households today are headed by single individuals and made us single gals feel ok - by basically showing that we aren't lepers, desperate or workaholics - some of us actually choose to be single.

P.S. -I totally failed on yesterday's picture.

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  1. Most single men at my age do want marriage/kids than woman. I totally agree with that. Most single woman who have not been married by now, want a boyfriend, but could give or take marriage/kids. Most of my friends had to wait until their wives were ready to have kids. I guess the world has changed!

    We even have to cook and do laundry now...but still work long hours and do yard work! I don't complain because I don't mind all the the above. I just hope women can understand men when it comes to their needs to these things. I have seen many of my friends not understood. When men look weak to their partners, they become less desirable(this is not the movies folks, read a pysch book). Most wives find that annoying...

    Then again, aren't all guy selfish, self centered pigs! I know I am, at least I need to be now, or else I am useless to others.