Saturday, February 19, 2011


This is the new house! Ok, when I say new house, I mean new office, but its like planning for a new house. Our office moved from Prince William County to Manasssas about five years ago. Time wasn't right so we leased out a building in Old Town.  We were the only tenants for about three years, which was a little strange. The location isn't ideal, but I will admit, it's nice to walk to the Post Office, restaurants, stores and the Financial Planner. Oh yeah, it's even nice to walk to Happy Hour!

Well, my boss finally decided to bite the bullet and we've partnered with a client to build a building in Prince William County. It's actually fairly close to my boss's house and many of our employees homes. It's a two story building and we own the entire top floor. I'm excited for the move, because it means we get to clean out the office! Woo hoo! No seriously, it's going to be nice. Nice finishes, nice location, and nice new house smell. Plus, the commute for me is about the same.

So, tentative move in is late April. We have brick on the building and have had some nice weather recently so the asphalt plants can open again. Unfortunately, just about every developer in NoVA, including us, needs asphalt right now so hopefully we get a parking lot soon!

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