Friday, February 11, 2011

Braces - Are you kidding me?

No, this is not my mouth. I failed again on a picture today so I pulled this off the web.  Today I went to the dentist. Yet again, I've gone to the dentist and have had a cavity. I was told this happens more as you get older (doh!), no matter how well you brush. Before last year, I had gone 16 years without a cavity. After my cleaning, the doctor came in for the exam. Turns out those braces I got in high school were pointless since I need them again. They say I can do the Invisalign, but nothing says "I'm Hot" like having to remove your braces on a date. I swear the universe is out to get me. Stay tuned on this....depending on what insurance will pay (since I have a medical reason for the braces), this may be a reality.

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