Monday, April 25, 2011

April 23rd

This morning I had to take GG to the Vet for a vaccine and nail trim. GG usually loves the Vet. When I say love, I mean, she doesn't really put up a fight until you start working on her. She will walk around the room and sniff to her heart's content.

We got in the room and she did her thing. At one point she tried jumping from the floor to the table, and being the good mom I am (and figuring cats can jump pretty high), I sat there and watched her jump...and then miss....and then fall on the floor (seriously, where is Feline Protective Services). Then, this 16 year Vet Tech comes in to trim her nails. I give her the story in regards to where to start (feet first, left hand, right hand) but does she do that? No. GG comes out swinging from the gate. They then have to take her to the back. A few minutes later, GG comes back in with the doctor. It then takes three of us to hold her down to get her temperature taken. Once we are good, we get the shot. Immediately proceeding this, GG went right into her house and was like "Mom, I'm done. Let's pay the tab and roll out."

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